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ChipsAway Minor Dent Repair

There are two types of dent repair:

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) – When a panel has been dented but the paintwork has not been damaged, it is sometimes possible to PDR the dent meaning the dent can be repaired without the need to respray the panel keeping the paintwork original. It is always best where possible, to keep the original paintwork.  In some instances, this type of repair will be available and is a more cost-effective way of getting your car back in tip-top condition. The technique ‘massages’ the dent out of the bodywork, leaving a smooth panel and unscathed paintwork.

Traditional Dent Removal – This method will be used where the panel is dented but also has paintwork damage.  The technique involves pulling out the dent as much as possible, filling the remaining area to reshape and then respraying the panel.

Dents can be removed easily at our Car Care Centre. We know there is nothing worse than seeing your bodywork misshapen and dented, that is why our team work hard to ensure the work is carried out and your panel is restored in a matter of hours.

Phil’s Top Tip 

A dent in your car or van is always saddening to see. At our car care centre, we have seen all kinds of dents, large and small. Whether it spans a few panels or it is the smallest dent in your bodywork, it is best to get it looked at sooner rather than later. Dents can reduce the value of your car and if your vehicle is on finance or lease, you could end up with a hefty fine at the end of your agreement if you don’t get it fixed.

How do I know if I need dent removal or a PDR?

PDR repairs are there for when the damage is not as drastic as a dent that has broken the bodywork. Examples of this could be dents caused by footballs or someone leaning on a panel too hard. If you’re unsure what kind of dent you have on your vehicle, you can always email pictures across to us or pop in and speak to the team for some free advice.

How much does it cost to repair?

Prices start from £80 + VAT.  Please call to our car care centre or send photos via email and we can then confirm a price for your repair.


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