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ChipsAway Car Bumper Repair

The undeniable feeling when your car hits something or, when you return to your car only to find someone has left damage on your vehicle, we’ve nearly all been there!  We carry out repairs on scratched, scuffed and split panels, so depending on the level of damage, we will have you back on the road like it never happened.

Sometimes scratches are superficial so here at ChipsAway Stoke on Trent, we always check to see if a scratch will polish before looking to respray a panel.  If a scratch is too deep for polishing then a repair and respray will be required.

Should you find a split in your panel fear not!  There is not always the need to replace it. ChipsAway Stoke on Trent can repair most splits in a matter of hours saving you money on costly replacement panels and having you back on the road in no time.

Phil’s Top Tip 

“Replacing your entire bumper for the sake of a small dink or split is now a thing of the past. We are proud to offer repairs on these types of damage in just a few hours, so you can pick your vehicle back up like it never happened. While a dink in your bumper isn’t likely to worsen if you leave it damaged, it will reduce the value of your car, so it is best to get it repaired, and this is the most cost-effective way.

How do I know if my bumper is only scuffed or if it is split?

It’s normally pretty easy to tell the difference between a scuff and a split. However, sometimes the split can be masked by the paintwork so, if you have any doubts, let us have a look over it for you. You can either email photos of the damage to us, or pop into the car care centre on Trentham Lakes.

How much does it cost to repair?

Prices start from £140 + VAT.  Please call to our car care centre or send photos via email and we can then confirm a price for your repair.


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