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Diamond Cut Alloys

Diamond Cut Alloys are a prestige wheel and are considerably more expensive than a standard alloy.  They are cut by using a diamond tip or laser machine, with the remaining part of the alloy being painted or powder coated, giving the alloy a two tone appearance.

To repair a diamond cut alloy correctly a CNC lathe or laser should be used and the correct diamond cut lacquer applied.  A diamond cut alloy cannot be repaired correctly using traditional paint spraying methods like those methods used on standard alloys.

Here at ChipsAway Stoke on Trent we are a diamond cut alloy specialist repair centre.  We use a diamond tip CNC Lathe to restore damaged alloys back to factory finish.  Not only do we repair alloys correctly, we can also repair them within the same day.

Phil’s Top Tip

A diamond cut alloy can only have a maximum of 2mm cut off the face of the wheel during its lifespan, after this the wheel cannot be repaired.  Should your alloy suffer damage and remain unrepaired, the diamond cut face will oxidise (rust), particularly in winter months when the face is subject to the cold weather, salt, damp etc.  This unnecessarily eats in to the 2mm shortening the lifespan of your diamond cut alloy.  Our honest advice is to have a diamond cut alloy repaired before the winter months to ensure you maximise the lifespan of your alloy.

How do you know if you have diamond cut alloys?

Generally diamond cuts have a shiny silver face with a black, dark grey or silver colour painted between the spokes.  If you’re unsure on whether you have a diamond cut alloy, just call in to our car care centre on Trentham Lakes or email a photo of the alloy to and we will be more than happy to advise.

How much does it cost to repair?

Prices start from £100 + VAT.  Please call to our car care centre or send photos via email and we can then confirm a price for your repair.

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